Recording First Episode

Dirk Hooper 2010/06/18 3

We’re recording the first episode of the Fetish Show Friday night.  If you have any events you’d like to promote or a question for Princess Zoe or me, this is your last chance to get it to us before the show.

We’ll be talking about what we’ve been up to lately, the Bondage Newlywed Game, how spanking brings couples together, answers to your questions, a primer on how to become a fetish model and present an interview with Toxic Goddess photographer Robert Henry and Toxic Goddess model Dame Lebeau.

It’s going to be a blast, this is your last chance to be a part of our inaugural episode!

Dream hard,

- Dirk Hooper



  1. Deeanna Hingle 2010/07/01 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    It will look that everyone is into this kind of stuff recently. Don’t genuinely grasp it nevertheless, but yet thank you wanting to express it.

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