Fetish Art: Megan K Eagles Photography

Dirk Hooper 2012/01/22 0
Fetish Art: Megan K Eagles Photography

Here at the Fetish Show, we live and breathe erotic art or maybe more honestly, it breathes life in us.  We trade naughty photos back and forth like playing cards and we’d love to include our lovely listeners too.  Being that radio isn’t really known as a visual medium, we are going to start posting some of the artists currently tripping our triggers.

Today, it’s Megan K Eagles, a London based photographer who’s a virtual unknown.  But with images like this, we think Megan’s got a long career ahead of her.  She works mostly in editorials, but all of her work has this raw, sexually charged energy that I’m in love with.

Check out her site at http://mkeagles.co.uk/ and thanks to Juxtapoz for introducing us to her work.

All work is property of the artist.  The Fetish Show does not own or profit from this work.  This post is strictly for educational and informational purposes.







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