FETISHWEEK – Fetish Conquers Fashion

Dirk Hooper 2012/02/19 0
FETISHWEEK – Fetish Conquers Fashion

February 1-18, 2012

Welcome back to FETISHWEEK!  As I get better at this I’m finding more and more news, articles, art, reviews and photos to pass on to you.  I’ve got two weeks of stories from around the internet and this issue is huge!  I couldn’t be happier that I have so much content here, but it underscores the importance of me getting these updates out early and often.

What really strikes me in this issue is the amazing volume of mainstream articles on fetish, leather, latex and BDSM in fashion.  We recently had New York Fashion Week and it was packed with fetish designs that I’d expect to see in something like Skin Two magazine instead of in Vogue.  The look of fetish culture has clearly infiltrated mainstream fashion.  As with everything in fashion, there will be a counter-reaction to this trend, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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Feature Story

Fashion always winks at fetish but… http://bit.ly/xyO66B



“Panel addresses BDSM myths” http://bit.ly/zJ3qpW

Alternative Lifestyle Association Q&A | Kink on Campus http://bit.ly/ytgQpQ

‘Bondage’ raises $5K for women’s center http://bit.ly/AsTooa

Sex club ban for the king of the swingers http://bit.ly/xNnW1S

Girl’s fetish: Drawing blood from boyfriend’s neck during love bite http://bit.ly/AngoF9

Hot Topics » Lovers busted for vehicular Valentine’s Day bondage http://bit.ly/yCtMDY

Community Service for Naked Valentine’s Day Bondage Game http://bit.ly/xVxuoE

Fetish Society aims for YUSU ratification – The Yorkerhttp://bit.ly/zmDHOz

No jail for Dominatrix housewife who operated brothel – Winnipeg Free Press http://bit.ly/x1JPLk

SEX WEEK: From BDSM to Public Policy | WEEKEND | Yale Daily News http://bit.ly/xLsfa0

Case Dropped Against Burlesque Dancers http://bit.ly/w9rxVq

Panel addresses BDSM myths Yale Daily News http://bit.ly/xUBFod

Isaacs Obscenity Trial Begins in 3 Weeks http://bit.ly/zbRaPR

Fraud baron forced henchmen into S&M orgies to prove loyalty – cops • The Register http://bit.ly/wBNSj8

Erotic Filmmaker Zalman King Dies – XBIZ Newswire http://bit.ly/yRHbds Sorry to see him go…

Michelle Obama Spends $50,000 on lingerie Shoppinghttp://bit.ly/zPn2wH

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