The Gorean Choice by Arien Adora

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The Gorean Choice by Arien Adora

There are few who have chosen to live, or taken the time to experience the Gorean Lifestyle. Mainly, for the fact that they are unaware of the existence of this form of lifestyle, or even what it might entail. This article has been written by a woman who has chosen to live the life of a Kajira, or Gorean slave. It was written to share my perspectives on the chosen path within this life. My goal is to not only share my thoughts, but some quotes from the Gorean books, and perhaps even a new outlook on this form of lifestyle.

The Gorean Lifestyle originated from the Gor fiction novels written by John Norman. Though, they focus heavily around the Master/slave sexual lifestyle in which the slave is to be at her Master’s command, willing, at anytime. They firmly represent the main focus of the philosophy of the “natural order” of a Man/woman relationship; where the Man shall take control and make the decisions while the woman will support them completely and unquestionably, as well as completing each task to His specifications. In my eyes though, the “natural order” is not limited to just Man. The books focus on the gender, but it is slowly becoming more acceptable within the lifestyle for a Gorean Mistress to have a home in this form of life.

“But, why,” I asked myself. “Should not, rather, one be more ashamed by deceit than the truth? Can there truly be a greater honor in hypocrisy then in honor? It does not seem so. We grow fond of our myths. Yet our myths are like walls of straw. Ultimately they must perish in the flames of truth.” Page 257-Gaurdsmen of Gor

Through living this lifestyle, this slave has learned greatly the importance of complete honesty. Often a Gorean slave will lead a quiet life, as she is not allowed to speak unless spoken to. On occasion, a Gorean Master may request her thoughts; not for the fact that He is not able to use His own thoughts, but to allow the slave a chance to remain open in her honesty with Him.

“We must thus see to it that we are marvels to them, that we serve them with eagerness and perfections. This is not a matter, incidentally, of serving regardless of our will and possible desires, or in spite of them, but of actually adjusting our will and desires, in such a way that they now find expression and fulfillment even in such service.” Page 312-Dancer of Gor

It is imperative that a slave is able to give up her own wishes and desires to satisfy her Master/Mistress on many different levels. Though some consider this belittling to a woman for giving up her right for self thoughts and expression, to a Gorean slave it is giving herself on a whole different level. To this slave, giving myself completely to the every wish and desire of my Master is more fulfilling than to lead a life Master-free, where I might have complete control. Over time, in studying and living this form of lifestyle, this slave has learned that giving herself completely to a Master is even more of a self expressive way of freeing herself from the many conforms of society.

“One of the pleasant things about owning a slave,” I said, “is the opportunity to converse with her, to listen to her, to hear her express herself, her feelings and ideas. One can learn much from a slave. Many slaves, like yourself are highly intelligent. They can express themselves articulately, clearly, trenchantly, and lyrically. It is a great pleasure to talk with them.” Page 203-Beasts of Gor

The Gorean lifestyle from a slave’s perspective is one of beauty. A slave must learn how to present herself and her thoughts in nothing less then exceptional order. She must take pride in her appearance and be willing to allow O/others to see the beauty from within, as she hides nothing. She must learn to speak with eloquence and fluency. When kneeling, she must kneel with respect and dignity. It is always permitted for a slave to hold her head high to show she is proud of her self and servitude, but essential she keep her eyes lowered to show the respect deserved by O/others. This slave believes that the requirement of displaying herself in an eloquent, respectful manner is not degrading, yet one of complete pleasure. It is known that a  Master or Mistress will be in full approval of my choice to serve, and proud to say that this slave belongs to them.

“No woman, it is said, knows truly what she is until she has worn the collar.” Page 366 – Fighting Slave of Gor

While it is true that most submissive are honored by receiving a collar from their Master/Mistress, to a Gorean slave it is much more significant. Not to say that a submissive does not appreciate their collar, but most choose to wear more jewelry styled collars. Or will have two to be more socially acceptable. Meaning one shall be kept for in the house, or session time. While another, more discreet one might be worn outside the house. That is a choice that is made among a Top and bottom. Though this slave respects that choice a great deal, for me wearing the same collar no matter where I am is what must be done. Most kajiras, or kajiris (male) will wear collars that are fully locked. For safety and emergency purposes a key may be carried, but the collar is never removed by the slave for any purposes what so ever. It is considered a sign of disrespect for a slave to remove such a significant piece of her Master/Mistress.

“He is Master and I am slave. He is owner and I am owned. He is to be pleased and I am to please. Why is this? Because he is Master and I am slave.” Page 184 – Explorers of Gor

In short, though the Gorean lifestyle is one full of strict rules and requirements, it is this slave’s experience that it truly is a fulfilling way of life. It allows me a chance to release all my inhibitions and thoughts, to the will of a suitable Master or Mistress. To me it is a self-releasing way of life; a life built in the comfort of knowing that I am cared for, loved, desired, and most definitely cherished.  Submissive women or men most typically have many fears or limits that prohibit giving themselves fully as a Gorean slave does, but that is what makes a Gorean slave an exceptional woman. The ability to release one’s self completely, openly and honestly in a relationship of this magnitude is, in this slave’s opinion, a more enlightened way of living.

“Slavery itself”, I said “Often makes a woman more beautiful and desirable. It removes tensions. It removes inhibitions. It makes women happy. It is hard, I think, sometimes, for a woman who is happy not to be beautiful. Sometimes Goreans ask, is she a slave because she is beautiful, or beautiful because she is a slave?” – Beasts of Gor

In conclusion, there is a great respect had by me for anyone that chooses to live the life of a submissive, slave or kajira. It takes a special kind of person to understand who they are, and give themselves in the way that we do as a bottom. Keeping a humbled frame of mind is something that this kajira strives to have on a daily basis. Educating yourself in the choices made through life is the only way in which we can learn and open our minds to what possibilities might be held. This is something I work hard to do, and hope that I have been able to share with others. While I might be seeking new way of educating others, I also seek to continuously educate myself as well. True beauty is found through choice, and through complete servitude.


Arien Adora is the kajira that understands the lifestyle and lives it to the fullest extent. I live for the outspoken word and the thought that shreds your soul.

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