The Slave Inside by Arien Adora

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The Slave Inside by Arien Adora

The Slave Inside
By Arien Adora

Throughout my life I have always found myself caring for others in one form or another. The need to ensure their complete well being has always been essential in my mind. During my earlier years I often would be chastised by others for wanting to complete this need.

Phrases such as, “You can’t help the world you know!”

Or, “Your belief that everyone needs your assistance is non-sense.”

Even my favorite one, “What could you possibly have to gain from all that hard work?”

I never really responded to such questions, as I often found them to be ridiculous. I never understood why wanting to help someone could be such a burden. Why needing to serve others in a helpful, pleasing, or requested way could be belittling yourself. That is when I saw the beacon of light and found my path meant to be traveled. I had not fully understood who I was when most of these questions were asked, but through exploring my questions and learning the answers, I quickly began to learn who lived within me.

There are many aspects to living the lifestyle. I took the time to learn, explore, experience and ask all my questions so I could find all the answers I needed. One thing I learned quickly, and state often to others seeking themselves is that… No, it is not possible to help the world, but a true slave can help those that wish for her service. There is contentment to be found, as well as satisfaction, when it comes to giving myself to others within their own lives. Perhaps its true that not all my assistance is needed, but it is my belief that if one soul reaches out for a kind word, a new thought, or even to learn something new than who am I ever to deny that. Helping others in various ways grants me the ability to learn and grow within myself.

As far as what do I have to gain, again an easy question to answer. It is the ability to see things in a new light. Knowing, that my choices in giving myself completely to help another, or to serve another, can create an ever-lasting impact. I see this as yet another way to making the world a better place. We all serve someone in our life in one form or another. By being the person I am I have learned that my service is not only helpful, but extremely pleasurable.

Taking the time to educate yourself by searching out information is essential when it comes to learning who you are exactly. It allows you the opportunity to understand and build yourself in a more enlightened way. In my case, it was finding the true woman that hides beneath the shell in which I live. It’s about understanding the desires that fill my soul, and how to live them in every aspect. I took the time to search for new thoughts. To find the various ways in which it is possible to learn the things needed to know so that I can grow, not just into a stronger woman, but into the slave I desired to be.

In my opinion, the best thing to help someone learn more about themselves is to be introduced to a new form of thinking. Sometimes trying something new, or stretching your limits are a good way to understand more what you enjoy, as well as, who you are within. For me, it was taking a quiet meek person who feared many things, and teaching her how to let the fears go into new possibilities. How to find, and use the abilities of communication and trust in another. I learned how to give myself just as I had always done before, but without being abused in the process. I learned what the true meaning of servitude was without hesitations, or limitations. As well as the knowledge that I would not only be appreciated for it, but I accepted for whom I truly was. It is the knowledge that by pleasing another it could result in nothing less than complete satisfaction, fulfillment, and ultimate pleasure within myself. Thus, resulting in a new level of person and way of life.

I was once given a statement to define who I was long ago. It came from a Dominant Master who often helped me in my venture of knowledge.

“A submissive is a person who wishes to give themselves, but with many limits and fears. A slave, is a submissive who has taken it to the next level by releasing some of those fears. A kajira, is a person who has taken it to the ultimate level of servitude. It is a person who understands that when she gives herself without limitations, that she will be appreciated and find the more enlightened way of living.”

In my mind, I do not see this statement as a belittlement of anyone, or their choices of servitude. Fact of the matter is, that we all start somewhere. Anyone who chooses to live as a bottom, or submissive deserves respect as it is a tough choice of living. For me its easy, I am a submissive.. I am a slave.. and I definitely am a kajira. I am all those levels blended into a well defined individual who took the time to educate myself through questions, as well as service. I am, and always will be, willing to explore the new horizons of life by giving myself completely to a select chosen few. This woman is nothing less than positive of whom I am, as well as my place within this world. I have found my contentment in serving, pleasing, helping and being all that I am allowed within this world. I now know that by being the person I am, I will be granted a world of complete fulfillment, pure delight, and unconditional love.

I am grateful that I have the ability to live in a world of openness and granted the ability to let my beauty shine for others to, hopefully, appreciate. We all wish for the world to be full of love and delights… a world of bliss and contentment. In my mind, by living my chosen path as a kajira all those have been achieved. Though there may be hard times, difficult lessons, or even everyday turmoil this woman still knows that my servitude will only guide me to a better way of living. Not everything in this world is perfect, but the ability to expand your mind within the life only brings you closer to peace. Well at least it does for me. Whether the choice is to be in the role of Top, Switch, or bottom, any of the choices would be fulfilling to the soul when time is taken to educate and understand. For this woman though, it is the role of kajira that fits me best and the reason why I will continue to be the slave inside~


Arien Adora is the kajira that understands the lifestyle and lives it to the fullest extent. I live for the outspoken word and the thought that shreds your soul.

Get in contact with her through these sites:!/ArienAdora


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