Article: Adventures of a Professional Poser by Apple Angel

Dirk Hooper 2012/04/25 0
Article: Adventures of a Professional Poser by Apple Angel

Apple Angel photo by Dirk Hooper

Who am I and why are you reading the tales of fun and festivities on my various modeling expeditions?  I’m Apple Nicole Angel, pin-up, fetish, glamour and horror model.  I’ve been modeling for over 10 years and have been published in various international magazines for pin-up modeling and the fabulous 60’s style swingin’ scene.  I’ve worked with some of the best in the industry and will continue to do more! It’s what I love and what I do!  I hope you’ll enjoy spending a little time with me each month!

On my maiden voyage into posing, also known as modeling, I was hired by a limo company. Oh, the shady goodness of that shoot!  I was told to bring various black dresses, high heels and lingerie. Typical for a car photo shoot, right?  Of course that is.  Well, as far as I knew it was.  To start out I had to do my own hair and make-up.  Now that’s not usually a big deal but these photos were supposed to be for advertising so you would think that a make-up and hair artist would be on set.  No, I was on my own.  So, after jazzing up my usual every day make-up look and running a brush through my long red hair I realized no one else was there.  Just the photographer and I.  There wasn’t an assistant, a buddy, a flunky, nothing.  Just me and the photographer.  Again, that’s typical, isn’t it?

Now let’s get to the shooting fun.  I began in a black tank top style dress and high heels.  Posing and preening in the back of a stretch limo.  I was a bit nervous so he suggested a little champagne.  (Now, even today I’ll never turn down a bit of the bubbly.  I don’t need it to calm jitters.  I just love champers.  That’s just who I am.)  Once I was appropriately relaxed… this is all typical still… he suggested I change into one of the jackets he brought into the limo with us and a little chauffeur’s cap.  To make it sexier he recommended going braless.  I’m not a prude so that didn’t bother me.  Who am I to say what’s good for limo advertising?  So, off came the bra and on came the jacket, worn with high heels, the chauffer’s cap and panties.  We shot a few more photos when he thought the line of my leg would be better I without the disruption of the panty line.  Again, another layer came off.  A button on the jacket was all that was holding it together.  That didn’t last long.  A well placed glass of champagne was all that covered me.

By the end of the shoot I was wearing my birthday suit and posing with a guitar.  It was rock & roll heaven and I truly loved it!  I mean, come on!  A hot girl, nude, in the back of a limo, playing a guitar!  That guitar never had it better!  I have never played a note before but it sang for me… so to speak.  It enjoying being nestled against my curves in a position that many would want to take it’s place!

I know you’re all waiting for the seedy goodness.  Well, it wasn’t all that seedy, really.  We shot some amazing photos that were quite sexy but not overtly so.  I had a good time and nothing untoward happened.  Now next time I’ll tell you about the time I was a very good model who is a very bad girl!  Stay tuned for the fun!

Apple Angel is the founder and a performer in TNT Burlesque which is based in Oklahoma.  She has been published in numerous magazines (including Bachelor Pad, Retro Lovely and PlayZom) as a pin-up model and is currently accepting modeling assignments through her site  Apple is regular columnist here at The Fetish Show.

Her next burlesque show is Pop Rocks and Pasties on May 11, 12 and 13 at the Boom in Oklahoma City.


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