The Fetish Show 29 – Robot Fetish!

Dirk Hooper 2012/05/20 0
The Fetish Show 29 – Robot Fetish!

Our new studio up and recording with Dirk and Zoe interviewing drag king Damian Matrix, Mister, for this landmark broadcast. We talk about a few of the writers contributing content for our shows and website and revisit Biting the Apple.  Gorgeous Apple Angel on her recent photo shoot  and a thanks to Skin Two. The Wheel of Fetish, as predicted, spun up a geeky delight “Robot Fetishism” and on the Whipping Post segment Dirk and Zoe discuss their own views on dealing with the transition between their fetish persona and  vanilla life.  In The Fetish News segment- Bondage hits the main stream and the USA Today Top 10 list, again; 18 U.S.C 2257 ruling; the Bible Belt loves “the PORN” and Natural Health Thai style displays a common interest with our host, Dirk.

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Damian Matrix


Apple Angel


Skin Two



Fifty Shades of Grey

Porn Consumption


Thai beauty treatment


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