News: Biting the Apple 2012: Glam! by Jay for The Fetish Show News

Dirk Hooper 2012/06/11 2
News: Biting the Apple 2012: Glam! by Jay for The Fetish Show News

Biting the Apple 2012
Article and Photos by Jay for The Fetish Show News

Biting the Apple 2012: GLAM! at IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City featured provocative art and adult performances over two nights April 13th and 14th.

The Fetish Show’s own Apple Angel played a key role in the show both as performer and producer.  Apple performed both nights along with her troupe, TNT Burlesque, and joined the revelers to promoting the event and encourage the other performers when she was not on stage.

The Fetish Show host Dirk Hooper submitted a photo titled “QISS” to the show featuring Eva Aphrodisia, Lily Deathstar, Jezabel Minx and Apple Angel, all of TNT Burlesque.  The ladies reprised rock icons KISS in the photo in full face makeup and stylized costumes.  The photo sold in the first hour of the show.

Punish Petal was peddling painful playthings displaying floggers, collars, corsets and BDSM accessories.  TFS caught up with Lacie Shaw, designer and leather artist for punish petal, who showed off her newest creations.  Lacie’s husband designs and fabricates the aluminum parts for their fetish goodies including the line’s signature piece, the Power Flogger.  This premium flogger features a concealed bearing between the tails and the handle virtually eliminating tangles and allowing a more fluid movement.

Nicole Whisenhunt has come to the annual show five years running.  While dancing on the stage between sets and enjoying the show, Nicole caught our eye.  The sexually charged atmosphere is what keeps drawing her back.

“It’s just so much fun, I love it!  I’d like to learn more and maybe go to a club,” she said.

After a more lengthy conversation with Nicole she is more excited about alternative lifestyles than ever and we hope for a chance to show her just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The crowd was large and active.  The participants were fantastic and fabulous.  There were stars above and in attendance.  Everyone who got in witnessed some sexy art, enjoyed the performances and had a great time.




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