What are we trying to accomplish?

Dirk Hooper 2013/03/25 0
What are we trying to accomplish?

What are we trying to accomplish?
by Jay for The Fetish Show


The fetish community is always under scrutiny.  With this in mind, the question of what we do, why we do it and if those actions will be beneficial or detrimental to the goal must always be under greater scrutiny from within the community.

The question is what is this goal which would be either harmed or bolstered by our actions?

Acceptance! Equality!  No, these are admiral goals and should be considered but what we really want, and need, is the freedom to coexist peacefully with the “vanilla” world, whatever that means.  Why?  Because we, as the “alternative lifestyle” community, again whatever that means, don’t need the approval of the rest of the world in order to enjoy our own lives.  What we do need is mutual respect and dignity on all sides.

This is why I find a recent news story in Oklahoma City so troubling.  In brief, a “littles” fetish group reserved a room at the local library to have a Valentine’s Day party in which they planned to make Valentine’s Day Cards.  It should be noted the organizer asked for “public appropriate” dress but also invited attendees to enjoy “little wear” and “age play” while at the event.

A local television news department learned of the story and ran a special where the library and room scheduled for the event were shown on television along with the name of the organizing group and the on-line invitation.  The broadcast also mentioned a wedding reception which was to take place in the next room while the party was to take place.  All of the walls forming the meeting rooms in the library are glass and fully viewable by the public in the library.

Fortunately, the party has been canceled.  I know what you are going to say.

“But they didn’t do anything illegal and they pay taxes just like everyone else so they should be able to use the public facility.”

I agree.  But legal is only a small part of the question here.  It’s not illegal to wear corsets, thigh-high stilettos and a rubber fetish skirt while dragging your boy-toy by a leash sporting gold lame’ hot pants, a leather X chest harness and a ball gag to the PTA meeting either.  It is also not appropriate.  Neither is having a “littles” party at the local library, even if the walls had not been glass.

The point is, if we want respect and dignity we must earn it.  Unfortunately, this controversy has set that particular goal back to some degree in Oklahoma City.  Respect can only come from acting in a manner to assure those not familiar with the alternative lifestyle community we are nothing to fear or even consider all that different from the girl next door, whom we may very well be.  Dignity can only be achieved by acting dignified.


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