Invite The Fetish Show to cover your event!

The Fetish Show covers Fetish Balls, Erotic Art Exhibitions and BDSM Lifestyle Events.  We can bring excitement and attention to your kinky event, plus a lot of amazing opportunities for your presenters and guests to enjoy.  We ask very little to take your event to another level.

What We Offer

The Fetish Show is a radio broadcast presented to a worldwide audience through the internet and hosted by fetish photographer Dirk Hooper and professional dominatrix Princess Zoe.  The Fetish Show has thousands of listeners each episode and in just the last few months, our website has exploded to receive over 200,000 hits, literally from around the world, and that number is growing daily.  We can bring our audience to you in a number of ways.

Before Your Event

We work very hard to get the word out about quality events such as yours.  We will do a lot of promotion and advertising for your event, your presenters, venders and guests.  Even before we arrive, we can drive people to your event and create more awareness.  The earlier we are invited, the more we can do for you.

During Your Event

During your event we will do interviews with organizers of the event, talent, vendors and even interesting guests.  Not only does this give your talent an excellent promotional opportunity, it will create excitement at the event.  We always attract a crowd!

The hosts of The Fetish Show can also add to your list of talent and presenters.  Dirk Hooper is a world-renowned fetish and fine-art photographer, with work that has literally been exhibited around the world, published in magazines and featured on the Toxic Goddess pay site.  Hooper is a BDSM mentor and a social networking guru.  Princess Zoe is a professional dominatrix and active fetish model.  She is also a manager and lead singer in her own band and has spoken in front of dozens of accomplished executives about her wisdom and experiences.

After Your Event

The broadcasts that we produce from your event will have links, photos and interviews that will live on long after the event (and we get a flood of hits on our site).  It will be a chronicle of what happened and build anticipation for next year’s event.

What We Ask in Return

Reciprocal Promotion

  • Please add information and a link from your site to ours (we will return the favor tenfold… promotion, marketing and search engine optimization are our specialties)
  • Include us in promotional materials and event packs

Media Access

  • Provide us with a liaison who will help us find and interview your organizers, talent and presenters
  • Help us exchange contact information with your organizers, talent and presenters
  • Observe common industry standards for dealing with the press
  • Grant us a press pass, or guest pass to the event

On Site for Broadcasting

  • A six foot table
  • Four chairs
  • Access to power

Finally, we ask that you help us by providing any information that we will need to make our appearance a success.  If you have special requirements (clothing restrictions, photo restrictions, safety or confidentiality issues, etc.) then please make sure we know in advance.

Interested?  All we need is some information about your event and to get an invite from you.  Contact us now at!